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Neurac / Redcord

The Neurac approach (for "neuro-activation") is practiced with Record equipment. It can be said to be a suspension therapy that aims to observe how the body is able to recruit stabilizing muscles in three dimensions.


This particularity of performing postures and movements in suspension often makes it possible to target weak links which are sometimes seen more difficult otherwise. The approach also stimulates the activation of the deficient muscle chains in a gradual manner. For some people suffering from persistent pain, restoring proper activation of the vertebral stabilizers helps to find a comfortable daily life.


The treatment must necessarily be pain-free, or at least without an increase in pain already present. It solicits the musculature in an individually adapted way, according to the age and the physical condition of the patient. It can be complementary to the manual therapies or workouts you already receive.


Once stability is restored, it is also possible to use the Redcord to maintain these gains or even to push them further by doing a fitness training.

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