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A chiropractor is a healthcare professional whose services are in direct access- no medical referral is required*. Chiropractic care is covered by a majority of private insurance companies.

During your first visit, time will be spent to ask you relevant questions in order to assess your condition. These questions will focus on your general health and lifestyle and are designed to help understand the cause of your condition as well as any contributing factors.

A comprehensive physical exam using orthopedic, chiropractic and neurological testing will be conducted. X-rays examination may be used. All of this in the goal to assess which treatment will best suit your condition. It is also possible that you may be referred to another health professional shall it be needed.

It is recommended that you bring all pertinent information with you to your initial visit. This includes any past x-ray reports and imaging.

*If you are injured from a work or car accident, contact us to know how chiropractic care can be reimbursed by CNESST or SAAQ

Ateliers ''Bouger mieux'' partie 1
Ateliers ''Bouger mieux'' partie 1
Notre mode de vie peut faire en sorte que le corps ait besoin d’apprendre ou de réapprendre à bien bouger pour moins souffrir. Joignez-vous à nous pour un court atelier sur ce 1er sujet de la série ''Bouger mieux'' BIEN SE PENCHER ET BIEN SE RELEVER, AVEC OU SANS CHARGE.
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 Dr Natacha Lauzon, chiropractor D.C. Monday            13h00 à 20h00                                  Wednesday     13h00 à 20h0

Friday                13h00 à 20h00 

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