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Traditional chiropractic adjustments

We often see "manipulation" of the joints in the litterature. Chiropractic adjustments are usually comfortable for the patient.  They have shown benefits in cas of cervical and lumbar pain, among other conditions.  Chiropractic doctors have an extensive training in joint manipulation.


Instrument assisted adjustments

These articular adjustments are performed in the neutral position with the aid of a percussion instrument. They are thought to be very comfortable and are suitable for clients that are uncomfortable with manual adjustments.


Spinal Flexion-Distraction – Cox Technique

It is a non-invasive technique which aims at reducing the pressure on the intervertebral disc and the spinal nerves.

It is an efficient proven technique, especially in the cases of herniated disc. It is accessible and affordable.

Soft Tissue Techniques (Graston, Active release technique)

We uses various techniques to help the soft tissue healing process (muscles, tendons and ligaments).

These techniques are often used by sport care providers to restore the elasticity of soft-tissues.


The Neurac (neuro-activation) approach aims to observe the reaction of the body and, more specifically, that of the muscles stabilisers in action. In effect, an optimal function of muscles stabilisers allows a better recovery in the case of persistent pain, but also leads to an optimisation of athletic functions.

If the evaluator observes the asymmetries or failures, the REDCORD equipment allows the working of the deficient muscle groups. The treatment is naturally adapted to the age and condition of each and, although the treatment can sometimes be demanding, it unfolds without pain.


Laser therapy

We are pleased to be able to offer you low level laser therapy, also called cold laser or low intensity laser. (As well appointed in contrast with other types of laser, which can be used to burn or cut, aesthetics or surgery, for example). The technology that we use is that of the Canadian company Bioflex; it is a laser class IIIb emitting no heat.

The cold laser therapy is a method, usually without secondary effect, allowing to fight pain and to eliminate many of the symptoms of both acute and chronic conditions. This therapy facilitates the natural process of healing and presents little contra-indication, which makes it an attractive choice for some people who cannot receive manual therapy or need to limit the use of medication.

Scoliose - SpineCor® Exercises

Recent studies show that an early intervantion in pediatric and juvenile scoliosis can help integrate a better neuromuscular pattern and reorganize posture to compensate or to counter the progression of spinal deformity.

For the scoliotic adult, the exercises can also contribute to counter the effect of the postural misalignement that can be painful with aging.

Ateliers ''Bouger mieux'' partie 1
Ateliers ''Bouger mieux'' partie 1
Notre mode de vie peut faire en sorte que le corps ait besoin d’apprendre ou de réapprendre à bien bouger pour moins souffrir. Joignez-vous à nous pour un court atelier sur ce 1er sujet de la série ''Bouger mieux'' BIEN SE PENCHER ET BIEN SE RELEVER, AVEC OU SANS CHARGE.
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